About Us

Our Mission

To harness locally available technology and use it to practically come up with tech-enabled solutions and products to solve the daily challenges faced in our communities

Our Vision

To solve Africa’s social economic problems using technology.

We are a united team of dedicated individuals who provide social economic solutions to Africa through technology. 


We are located at State house Road SH209, Nairobi, Kenya.


Our story began in the year 2020.

Back then our Founder and CEO was transitioning from his first start-up and still had burning desire to impact the society with his innovations.

Today we are on the road to do just that, with 2 high impactful products already in the offing.

Our Products

Ukonga is a micro savings platform that is simple and fast, and enables its users to have their spare change saved for future use. Ukonga is a bantu word derived from the Zulu language of South Africa meaning Savings.

Salio is a Swahili word meaning balance or financial change resulting from a
financial/commercial transaction.
The Salio platform is a simple, fast and secure ecosystem that enables
merchants to transfer spare change to a customer after a business
We are partnering with banks and Telcos on this product.